Quarter Side of Beef

This is a quarter of beef that contains equal proportions of the cuts from the front to the back. (Approx 100 lbs) 2019 Price $8.40/lb

Our price quoted here is for 100 lbs. 

Our quarter of beef can vary from 100 - 120 lbs of beef. Your sale price will be applied accordingly. We will advise you if the quarter is heavier than 100 lbs.  Once your order has been received your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount of beef (as each carcass we process varies) and the actual shipping charges for your approval.

Break down of cuts in one split side of a beef (some variations may occur)


1       Cross Rib Roasts                                              

2       Chuck Roasts     (best)    

5       Rib Eye Steaks

4       New York Steaks

4       Fillet Mignon steaks

2       Top Sirloin Steaks

2       Sirloin Tip Steaks    

2       Carne Asada

2       Stir Fry

4       Pkgs of stew meat

1      Brisket

1       Flat Iron Steak

2      Short Ribs,   1 Back Ribs

1       Rump Roast

Remainder is made into ground beef packages and packed approximately 1.5lbs packet.

Approx. 48 % of total processed meat is ground beef.

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