Whole Side of Beef

This contains all of the beef cuts. (Approx 410 lbs) Reg $8.95 per pound. Sale Price $7.95/lb

Please select whether you would like your package to include more roasts or more ground beef.

Note: Whole sides vary from 410 to 440 lbs. Once your order has been received your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount of beef (as each carcass we process varies) and the actual shipping charges. Please use the listed price only as an estimated guideline.



Break down of cuts in one whole of a beef - some variations may occur)

More Ground Beef More Roasts
4 Cross rib roasts 4 Cross rib roasts
6 Sirloin Tip Roast 6 Sirloin Tip Roast
8 Chuck roasts (best) 14 Chuck roasts (best)  
20 Rib Eye Steaks 20 Rib Eye Steaks
16 New York Steaks 16 New York Steaks
8 Top Sirloin Steaks 8 Top Sirloin Steaks
16 Filet Mignon Steaks 16 Filet Mignon Steaks
8 Carne Asada 8 Carne Asada
8 Stir Fry 8 Stir Fry
16 Packets of stew meat 12 Packets of stew meat
2 Tri tip 2 Tri tip
8 Short Ribs 8 Short Ribs
4 Back Ribs 4 Back Ribs
2 Flank Steaks 2 Flank Steaks
2 Skirt Steaks 2 Skirt Steaks
4 Flat Iron Steaks 4 Flat Iron Steaks
4 Briskets 4 Briskets
    4 Rump Roasts

Remainder is made into ground beef packages and packed approximately 1.5lbs packet. Approx. 48 % of total processed meat is ground beef.

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$3,669.50  $3,259.50 (Approximately)

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